Semtek /// Style Disco Selection

This week's mix comes courtesy of the brilliant Semtek and is very special indeed, not least because it was recorded especially for Style Disco. Hopefully it will get you in the mood for the weekend very nicely (it's definitely done the trick here), and whatever ghoulish antics you may have in store.

Style Disco Selection:   Download

Tinman - Constant Confusion (Cheap Records)
Dance Disorder - Metallic Italic (Massimigliano Pagliara Remix) (Bpitch Control)
Taron Trekka - Shiroi (Freude Am Tanzen)
Rick Wade - Melancholy (Harmonie Park)
Bender - Evol Peed (Kann Records)
Semtek - Goons (Don't Be Afraid)
Lerosa - Lovers Bleed (MOM)
Wighnomy Twins - My Gloomy Head (Freude Am Tanzen)
STL - Invisible (Something)
Red Rack'em - Kalimba (Philomela)
Andy Weatherall - Fail We May, Dub We Must (Rotters Golf Club)
Bulgari - Everything Is Changing (Soul Jazz)
Supermayer - Hey Hotties (Kompakt)
Kassem Mosse - Untitled (Workshop)
Wbeeza - Hurricane (Third Ear)
Capracara - King Of The Witches (DFA)

5 minutes with Semtek...

Where do you live?

In sunny South London.

What’s your day job?

Pet detective.

Best night you’ve been to recently?

World Unknown.

Nights you’re looking forward to?

Basement Boogaloo at Ryan's in Stokey, Spacebass at Camp, Tief at Corsica Studios.

Favourite London club?

The Athenaeum.