Mark Pavitt /// Hackney House Skat Vol. 6

This week's Friday mix comes courtesy of lift ^ party's Mark Pavitt.

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1. ron deacon - untitled 2 //
2. petre inspirescu - emancipare //
3. ybu - soul magic (charles webster dub) //
4. charles webster - charles webster's missive sounds mix //
5. terrence : terry - like a circle (bearweasel rethink) //
6. the rise of the digital technobots - grove with me //
7. bovill - torque 2 //
8. Jenifa mayanja - i wanna hold you //
9. nuyorican soul - the nervous track (runaway gets nervous remix) //
10. laak - solar flare //
11. damon wild - avion (marcel dettmann remix) //
12. slick'n'flash - the descent //
13. testing - subway //
14. fingers inc. - never no more lonely //

5 minutes with Pav...

Where do you live?

Formerly known as Murder Mile I live in the now very gentrified area of Clapton Pond. It's a really good place to live in London, parks all around you and dead easy to get anywhere. I also have the best corner shop in the world next to me, Palm2. Run by the loveliest family it's full of fresh Turkish food, amazing bread, good wines and occasionally lobster?? A year or so ago a Tesco metro opened up pretty much next to it and amazingly it's had the complete opposite effect of what you would expect to happen. Rather than the corner shop suffering, it's become even more popular and its profits went up 35%!! A nice story!

What's your day job?

Marketing. I've been working for agencies and brands for about 10 years now (I didn't go to Uni, I'm not that old…) and currently working at a company called Amplify. I head up the Honda and E4 bits of business we have, amongst other bits and bobs. It's a great place to work, we have a great culture in the office, we're all mates and I have an amazing team!!

Best night you've been to recently?

Looking a little into the future first I'm expecting it to be Warms 12th birthday party on Saturday where Dixon will be playing from start to finish, it should be pretty epic. The last two Electric Minds have been amazing. I was honoured to play at the one with Move D on Aug 6th; at the same one in 2010 with Move D he played arguably one of the best sets I've ever heard. The last one was with Prosumer and he played some amazing music, such a nice vibe and atmosphere in the place as well.

But I reckon the best musical experience I've had for a while was the Sunday at Secret Garden Party. As Amplify we put on the Converse area, which was kind of like the hidden disco. The sun came out and we were blessed with 6 hours of bliss from Nick The Record followed by the three DJs who have later become known as The Dalston Express (Mark Treadwell, Andy Bainbridge and Jake Manders) who absolutely took the place to town. I was pretty much on a podium for most of the day / night.

The Dalston Express (this is a slightly tongue in cheek name by the way) will be playing at my next lift ^ party on Nov 11th.

Nights you're looking forward to?

TOO MANY….Dixon for 8 hours obviously. My next lift ^ party. I love doing them, always a good party and people seem to love them as well. Would like to go to the last ever Sud Electronic in London as they are a party full of class and quality music but I think I might just be a little raved out.

Favourite London club?

Difficult one really as I don't really go to any of the traditional clubs anymore. Fabric obviously has an amazing system, Plastic People is a great little space, Cable has potential….but it’s mainly about the warehouse / pop up spaces. Sometimes they can be rubbish because promoters don't sort the sound properly (nothing more annoying than rubbish sound, yet it happens so often and by a lot of big promoters). A positive example would be the Ostgut Ton night at Red Gallery back in April which for a warehouse space had incredible sound because the promoters took the effort and made the investment to do it properly.

Favourite DJ?

Difficult, so many different DJs have given me so many lasting memories, Move-D, Sancho Panza, Bill Brewster, Jerome Sydenham, Ben Klock…BUT my two regular favourites would be Dixon and Giles Smith. Dixon for me is the epitome of a journey DJ, his sets are so well crafted, music is always so classy that you can just get lost…just the way I like it. Giles is the connoisseurs DJ, his track selections are always impeccable, I love it when he closes parties as for me that's when he comes into his own. I've lost count the amount of times I've bugged him for track IDs

One to Watch?

Keep an eye on Ethyl and Flori

lift ^ party, April 2011. Photo © Style Disco


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