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It would seem almost irresponsible not to acknowledge what’s been happening this week in London.

After speaking together yesterday about how it had affected us differently, it seemed fitting to do a joint post with my good friend Katie from Kography in response to the London riots.

At a time when the majority of London is coming together in an attempt to repair the damage that has been done by a few to this beautiful city (and other cities around England), we thought we’d do the same and combine forces.

Katie told me how it had dawned on her that she hadn’t picked up her camera at all during the past week - extremely unusual behaviour for her: working full-time in photographic production and freelancing as a photographer, photography is part of her everyday life. Conversely, I felt the need to document it: my flatmate appreciated what I was doing – “this is history” she said. Ignoring my mother’s warnings not to go outside, I ventured past the boarded up shops on Broadway Market and on to Mare Street where rows of Manchester City Police vans lined the street.

But since the News has been rife with images of destruction, we’ve decided to put together some images of the London we know and love. Katie has selected some of her favourite shots from her time in London.

To me, this strikes a chord, since Katie has only lived in the city for just over a year, and I’ve lived here for almost 8 now (since moving here to attend the London College of Fashion in 2003). I like the fact that this city means the same to us, the fact that we met in a basement at a club night and proceeded to embark on a 2 day adventure together; these things just don’t happen in cities marred with fear.

I hope you enjoy the lomo style photos and that if you’re a Londoner, it means as much to you as it does to both of us.

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  1. these photos are beautiful. I admire this post. you're so much braver than i'd be..

  2. This is a lovely idea, and I agree, very beautiful photos :) x

  3. Great piece of writing and amazing photos. Erica is right, you are really brave! xxx

  4. great post! and writing! i really enjoyed reading this! :)


    Meena xxx

  5. Beautiful response - both the words and the pictures x


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