Lovebox 2011

Sparkle /// Katie

Shebicad /// Bianca

Jenny /// Kam

Katie /// Sophie

Lucy /// Sal

Vicki /// Ally

A few weeks ago I was asked to take some photos for Company magazine at London’s Lovebox festival. In between downpours I managed to snap some extremely stylish ladies and chat to them about their favourite trends for Summer 2011. Here’s what they said...

Sparkle “tribal print, anything brightly coloured”
Katie “scrunchies! I’m trying to bring them back... and friendship bracelets – home made!”
Shebicad “tribal – although i’m not wearing any today!” Style Disco loved her giant owl necklace, top hat and bleached ends.
Bianca “animal print”
Jenny “I love long, bright maxi skirts”
Kam “nail art”
Katie “floral skirts with plain coloured vest tops is a great look”
Sophie “fringing... I’ve just customised this top by adding my own fringing to the edge” Style Disco is impressed
Lucy “Aztec print...and wellies!”
Sal “neon vs. leopard” Style Disco LOVES this
Vicki “crop tops”
Ally “bright yellow.. although I don’t think I actually own any!” Style Disco concurred on both points. Note to self: must invest in bright yellow clothing.


  1. aww i love festival fashion, you can get away with anything! x


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