I love you, Jarvis Cocker /// Wireless 2011

The Amazing Misty

Shortly after witnessing The Best Thing I Have Ever Seen (The Chemical Brothers headlining The Other Stage at Glastonbury) came The Best Gig Ever - Pulp at Wireless. Jarvis Cocker: a legend of the highest order. At the best of times I'm not really one for big gigs, especially when they're at pretend festivals (sorry, Barclaycard - although thanks for the pretend credit cards you gave us loaded with £20 worth of booze money - appreciated) - and although we literally bought the tickets the day they went on sale, some 9 months before - I never imagined how phenomenal it would be seeing Pulp perform not only my favourite songs of theirs but My Favourite Songs Ever.

There's nothing better than seeing a band put their all into something, especially whilst performing A Different Class in its entirety. I didn't think I could love that album any more that I already did (it says something when you're still not sick of a record that was one of only two owned by your student household - the other was Mylo's Destroy Rock and Roll).

Jarvis, we love you even more than we did before... and our boyfriends all have unashamed man-crushes on you now too.


  1. What amazing photos, WOW! xx

  2. thinking the same as TOPCOAT. these are stunning photos!! now i wanna go too to some festival, see artists and just enjoy.. ah<3

  3. Wow! Such cool looks- they're all so edgy!



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