our mountain (feat. abbey lee)

1. Dinner
2. White Topshop shorts I procured from a shoot at work. So in love... they may or may not now have Patron on them :/
3. My 'wifey', Lauren and I. She's over from Australia - I hadn't seen her for 5 years til last month. Girl got style.
4. Also from Australia: Our Mountain at the Old Blue Last, featuring Abbey Lee.
5, 6. Loved the 90s grunge look she rocked so effortlessly: black hipster trousers, floral top, oversized cardigan and choker.
The band weren't bad either (check 'em here)


  1. oh wow, yes she's so 90s, i love it! ive been wanting to re-watch 90s movies recently, really want to see bridget fonda in singles, and winoma ryder in reality bites!? thanks for reminding me about it :)
    didn't know abbey lee was in a band, must check it out. btw, i enjoyed the no regular play track you posetd a while ago, nice tune!
    p.s wanna link-echange? id love to have you in my friends list x

  2. nice photos, love your shorts and jacket x

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