Festival No.3: Standon Calling

Flora + Jess watching Metronomy on Friday night

Metronomy: just brilliant

Jess + Tash in their usual attire


But not for long

Chav bunny becomes 90s bunny (Please can I wear this outfit always?)

Watching the amazing Etienne de Crecy

Escaped prisoners

Murder on The Standon Express

Just when I thought this summer couldn't get any better, myself and 3 friends road-tripped to the small boutique festival Standon Calling. Having only been to bigger festivals in the past it made for quite a change going to something so small (I think about 3,000 people attended), but it definitely didn't impact upon the amount of fun to be had. With a theme of 'Murder on The Standon Express' there were fantastic costumes (think policeman, prisoners, detectives, CSI and lots of fabulous flapper girls), dance stages named Alcatraz, murder mysteries to be solved and extreme amounts of general shenanigans. Highlights included an excitable crowd going crazy to Metronomy on Friday night and Etienne de Crecy and his amazing light show headlining on Saturday.
I can now declare that i'm officially addicted to festivals. Next up, I am ridiculously excited to be taking pictures at BESTIVAL... didn't think that was going to happen. Hooray for the Best Summer Ever...


  1. oh man, so jealous! I was offered to steward at standon but couldn't cos of my infected eye. so annoyed!


  2. lovely outfits fab blog!


  3. love those feather headbands! everyones style is amazing, and I love the way all the photos are shot :)



  4. Sounds like a blast! I went to my first festival last year and I fell in love with the whole scene. I love hearing new bands, but the festival style is almost worth going for by itself! Loving the headbands in the first shot, perfect festival-wear.

  5. loveee Etienne de Crecy :) cant wait for my next festival! loving all the chunky knits being sported. these photos are lovely!

  6. lovely!



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