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On Saturday I went to the giant antiques emporium near my house (well countryside near, you gotta drive there) and had a look through about 5% of what’s in there - set over 3 floors it's brimming with treasures. There's so much! No bad thing as I can happily go every weekend and still find new things. I picked up a little black and gold studded bag that I remember seeing at Christmas which was still there - the chain is quite short so I’m going to put a new one on so I can actually use it and not just hang it in my room looking pretty.

If you were decorating a house it would be the perfect place to get amazing furniture. Sort of regretting not getting the US Mail box – how cool? To my US readers: do you all have these outside your homes?! (please say yes!)

Loved the ‘Bride’ and her vintage sunglasses – I heard the people who worked there referring to her as Lady Gaga.

Also, I found this lovely song to share with you all. I hope you like it!

Download it here [click to play, right click to download]

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Time of the Assassins - Matthew Dear Remix


  1. Love it !!!!!!!! i love your blog !! ;-)

  2. hi darling. thanks for stopping by me. hope youre having a wonderful week so far. such nice photos youre sharing. looks like a great shop! i love going vintage shopping. may it be furniture-shoes-clothes-jewelry.

    xx ediot

  3. SO cool! I'd love to visit a place like that.

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  5. okay I totally wanna know where this shop is!

    Loving the blog! now following :)

    Amy Jessica

  6. i want to go shopping there! the jewelry is amazing!!

    if you have some time come to my blog and vote for my illustrations!

  7. OOh, I'd LOVE to go buy some (ALL) of that jewellery!

    And yep, everyone in the US has a mailbox like that (unless they live in an apartment). You pop the little red flag up when you have outgoing mail. :-)

  8. cute blog! :)

  9. lovely blog!
    kisses from Brazil.

  10. I *heart vintage anythign! The necklaces are tres fab. :)

  11. aaah so lovely lovely!!!:)

  12. Gorgeous Charlotte Gainsbourg, we like the necklaces too

    Kisses from France
    Olivia & Mariam



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