A Pastelly Package

Nude Beige, Lilac Dream and Beth's Blue by Models Own

My new favourite nail colour

The rest of my collection (to give you an idea of how much nail polish I have, I probably have about this many from every brand you can think of. It's an addiction. I'm seeking help.)

As a connoisseur and serial-purchaser of everything and anything black, my adoption of this year’s pastel-trend is probably going to be somewhat limited. The floaty skirt in the last post was my latest attempt, but you’ll note it was teamed with a grey t-shirt and black ballet shoes. Such is me. That’s not to say I’m not a fan of the trend, I’ve just always gravitated toward the darker end of the apparel spectrum.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Models Own range ever since I discovered their perfectly hued Grey Day nail polish in Urban Outfitters a year or so ago. They always seem to nail the perfect colours (if you’ll excuse the pun), and this season’s shades are no exception. Upon receiving Nude Beige in the post yesterday, I have just about recovered from missing out on Chanel's In Particuliere (very glad I didn’t give in to the eBay rip-offs). I also went for Beth's Blue and Lilac Dream to make a tidy 3, qualifying for the 3 for £12 offer. Combined with Free Next Day Delivery it made for a guilt free and much needed midweek package.

Of course I went straight for the beige and it is nothing short of perfect, plus the polishes all have that lovely luxy finish to them which I love. Expect the others to be debuted in following posts, I'm very excited to try Beth's Blue next.


  1. I have also been trying to find the beige colour nail varnish without success, and I wasn't aware if the make models own! Thankyou for posting this blog, i will have to buy some right away! :)

    Lucy x

  2. nice collection!!!! and ure not the only one who has loads of nail polish lol! just bought a purple one today! :D

    xoxo jenna

  3. Awesome, I LOVE those 3 pastel colours. The taupe colour is perfect!

  4. i love your blog, great photo's!
    don't forget to enter my international prada giveaway!

  5. These colors are super amazing! I'm a sucker for pastel colors. PS, thanks for linking me!! I'll link you back :)

  6. i am proud of you for breaking out of black! i know how hard it is!! these nail polishes look beautiful though. i also love your outfit in the post below this one!

    xx come visit!

  7. i'm a nail polish addict too... there are so many great colors out right now! loving the light blue.

  8. I love the colours! Thanks for sharing x I’ve just come across your blog and I love it! Will be stopping by from now on x

    For everything about fashion:

  9. i'm a nail polish addict too, although i haven't tried this brand.

  10. Love the colours from first post. My nail polish collection is somewhat sad, consists of black, red, pink and grey. Yours is stella!

  11. very, very nice. i love the nude beige color!!


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