The Big Move/ Easter Sunday

This weekend I've made the move back to my parents place in the country. The best thing to come out of this so far is the vague hint of muscles in my arms from all the heavy lifting - I've never ever had muscles before! Oh and the fact that I got to ride up front in a white van with my Dad and brother. We embraced this fully by stopping at McDonalds (at my insistence) and listening to Heart FM.

Today is Easter Sunday and Spring seems to finally be in the air. We went to an antiques fair earlier today (I didn't find any goodies - though my sister found an amazing sterling silver and pearl ring for £5) then for a nice country air-filled walk this afternoon with the dogs.

Back to London tomorrow to visit my boy.... thank goodness! There's only so much fresh air I can take.


  1. These photos are beautiful.. especially that one of the little blue flower.

  2. yay for muscles! always good, haha. hope the move went well. xx

  3. ahh spring.... flowers and chocolate <3

    love the blog~

  4. wow ..your photography skills are amazing! Great shades


  5. Hope you had a lovely muscle filled Easter!

    tweet tweet tweet



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