Alexander The Great

This week I’ve been at my parents’ house, clearing out my old room. This involved going through about 8 years of school work, A-Level art projects and University essays (my Sixth Form art teachers never really ‘got’ me and my fashion-focused work). I found an old sketch book filled with inspiration, brimming with Alexander McQueen’s colourful catwalk creations.

Then, the day before yesterday, my little sister and I were discussing whether you would actually be able to walk in Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo Shoes. (I thought yes. She thought no.)

Yesterday, the fashion world was shocked to hear of Lee McQueen’s tragic, untimely death. I think being a Londoner makes it all the more poignant; he was recognised the world over for his genius, and I feel as though we’ve lost a part of our heritage. A sad day indeed.